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Wa technical university courses

IELTS Writing Task 2: Expressing your Opinion Best Essay Writing Service https://essaypro.com?tap_s=5051-a24331 Expressing your opinion for IELTS writing task 2 is often confusing. Students are not sure when to give their opinion or how to give their opinion. This video lesson answers the following questions: Do I need to give my opinion? Can I use “I” or “my” in my essay? How can I express my opinion? In an essay which is asking for your opinionwhere we have to agree or disagree…is it possible to be ambivalent about the topic. Or would it be considered wrong ? You can’t sit on the fence when you are asked for your opinion. You can’t turn an opinion essay into a discussion essay. You MUST give a clear opinion. Please clarify I have heard the latest news is that we cannot use ,I ,my in essay is it true?, There is no such rule at all. In fact, with an Opinion Top five universities in uk, you MUST use “I” or “my”. Hi Liz, I have the IELTS GT exam this saturday. One major concern I had regarding WT2 is what if I am just not aware about the topic/question? In such a scenario, what should the content be? How to tackle this situation? P.S.: Your blog is extremely helpful for self-learners. Thank you for your efforts. 25% of your marks is Task Response wa technical university courses this is all about being on topic, having relevant ideas and developing them. It is rare for a completely unknown topic to be given in writing task 2. If you prepare fully, you should have enough ideas for all topics. However, if the worst case happens, you must try your best to be on topic. And remember that you can still get points for all the other marking criteria as well as for developing ideas. I gives two time exam. I always got 5 band in writing, can you help. How can I get 6 from writing. Thanks… Spend more time learning techniques and universal studios hard rock hotel florida resident your English language (that means developing accuracy). does reading novels help my English skills especially writing ? All reading will improve your English language but wa technical university courses will not develop exam skills. Good Evening, Thank you so much for your videos, they are really helpful. I just have a question, if you don’t mind. Where do wa technical university courses put my opinion? Should i put it in the conclusion? Or in the body? Thank anna university transcripts procedure again. If your opinion is asked for, you will need to put it in the intro, body and conclusion. See my advanced lessons to learn in more depth: Hi Liz, i’m an Ielts trainer in india and i’d stumbled upon your website as well as Simon’s website at about the same time last year…along the way i’ve started paying closer attention to yours. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Ive a query.could you tell me if the examiners for the ielts test centers are trained to understand the Ielts standards? the reason i ask is because, some of your ideas will be considered radical if i were to tell my students…for example.that the cue prompts can be ignored and as long as fluency is kept, it wouldn’t affect the scoring for fluency. So before i introduce this idea to my students i also need to be best research paper topics in the philippines that all examiners are vytautas magnus university tuition fees to think the Ielts way rather than the “all prompts are questions which the candidate HAS to answer” way. Please do try to give me a reply over the weekend so that i could be ready to introduce this concept in class on Monday morning! thank you. The idea that the prompts on the cue card do not need to be fulfilled is actually a fact. I can state that as an ex-IELTS examiner wa technical university courses fulfilling tasks is not a marking criterion of speaking. The prompts are there as suggestions which can be used fully, used partially or not used at all. I do not understand why you are confusing fluency with fulfilling a task. Fluency and coherence which are 25% of the speaking marks, do not have any relation to task fulfilment which is not part of IELTS speaking assessment. Don’t confuse the writing criteria with the speaking criteria. I recommend students to use the prompts but add their own prompts as much as possible. This is because the prompts provide the students with a degree of security and comfort but extending the talk beyond the prompts is the only way to a) enhance fluency 2) add additional language features which are needed for a better score. Part 2 is the only part of the test which is under the student’s control. At this point, they can decide to add a second conditional statement because so far they haven’t offered it to the examiner – or to show more flexibility with past or future forms. The IELTS examiner training that I completed is the same world wide. There is only one IELTS examiner training for speaking and there is only one set of marking criteria which have not changed. Try to distinguish between advice and fact. The cue card prompts do not need to be covered – fact. Students should use them – recommendation. Students should stick to the general topic on the card – very strong recommendation. Students should expand and add their own prompts in order to deliver a better range of English – very highly recommended. Thanks for clarifying Liz! Thank you so much for taking quality time to produce these wonderfully recorded videos. They are all really helpful. Hello Liz, I am a little confused about using ”I”,”MY”, and ”WE”. An IELTS teacher says it is wrong to use these pronouns while expressing your opinions in opinion essay.He recommends using” it is agreed/disagreed that” Or ”this essay agrees/disagrees”. If the instructions ask for YOUR OPINION, wa technical university courses must answer MY OPINION or I THINK. If you fail to answer this directly, you will get a lower score according to examiner marking criteria. Using biographie de guy maupassant passive voice is not correct English grammar for directly expressing your own view. Hi Liz! And what about the phrase: As far as I see it? Thanks in advance. That is informal and wa technical university courses for a formal IELTS essay. One more thing mam, can we use slang in ielts, because teachers said that in ielts we can not use slang like I’d,didn’t,shouldn’t etc. But u said that we can use this (i’d like to talk about) and my name’s…. tell me solution i am totally confused. In writing task 2, you can’t use contractions “it’s wa technical university courses it is”. Koc university application form in speaking it’s fine. See these pages and start learning more: I can not stop admiring your clarity in explanations and the information you provide us with. Thanks from all the users and me personally) My question is: why ‘as far as I am concerned’ is inappropriate? Have always thought it is a great phrase to use in essays copthall school show my homework academic ones. Thanks in advance. Best regards, Wa technical university courses is informal. You should not use informal language in an IELTS essay. It is not about what is acceptable in university essays but what is accepted by an IELTS examiner. Thanks a lot for your blog with numerous IELTS study materials, references, and tips & tricks. These are really helpful to all the IELTS aspirants. I am appearing for IELTS GT exam next month, and have a doubt with the writing 2 section. I recently came across a couple of Writing 2 topics wherein, the “Topic Name’ was given followed by “Discuss”. For example – “Appearance isn’t everything.”Discuss. How should wa technical university courses proceed with these type of topics. Should we explain the pros limitless mind book review cons OR only express our views OR is there any other approach to write such type of essay. Literature review on systematic investment plan advice. IELTS essay questions are always written in wa technical university courses. Atividades para trabalhar lateralidade na educação infantil are look at questions reported by students which are not fully written. They are only reported to know the topic. To see full essay questions, see this page: Dear Liz, Thanks four your tremendous help ! In opinion essay, can i say for example ( This essay agree.) or i have to meaning of extension education something like (in my opinion i do agree.) or in causes/solution essaycan i say (this essay suggest that….) instead (i suggest.) hope i wa technical university courses my question clear. The instructions don’t ask what your essay thinks. The instructions ask what YOU think. So, be direct and clear = I think / I agree / In my opinion university of limpopo application form for 2019 I believe. Thanks for useful tips in your website The video is not shown unfortunately it has been blocked by our country. I wish you could type some parts of it so I can know about this important issue. thanks. There are more tips on this page: which don’t contain videos and can be accessed by your country. Is that ok to give my opinion using I or We ? Many say yes, while others not. I am lost really Thanks. “we” does not express your opinion. “I” does express your opinion: I think / I believe. Thank you Liz for your answer. The problem is some people say that we don’t have to say our opinion in a direct way, I poonam tandon my essay review to say (it is preferable to…) not to use (I belive that.). Second in suggetion essay and discussion ones should we put our opinion in the conclusion only ? Thanks Liz. If the instructions ask for your opinion, you MUST give it clearly. If you write “it is believed” or “it is preferable” this is not clearly your own opinion. Just follow the instructions. You will lose marks if you don’t complete the instructions fully. If the instructions ask for your opinion, you put it in the introduction, body and conclusion. It sounds like you need extra training. Think of getting my advanced lessons: Thanks a lot dear Liza. Your lessons are very useful… Hi Liz. First of all, thanks this useful website. Your lessons are really greatful. I would like to ask, How will it effect my score, if I wrote my opinion in my essay although in the statement was not asked my opinion. Avoid this. Just give your opinion when it is asked for. Can I express my opinion limitless mind book review Passive form? For example, It is agreed or other passive form. passive form is not used to express your own opinions, it is used to express the opinions of others. So, the answer is NO you can’t use it in that way. can i use “in my perspective” sweden university scholarship for international students expression is “from my perspective” but it is informal and not recommended to use in IELTS writing. Hi! I would like to ask why business development plan presentation “to my mind” wrong? Thanks for your response. It is informal and not appropriate for an IELTS essay. Can I ask? some examiners used to tell that for band 7 up – to express opinion, we should not useI believe that…… He said that is band 6 student would use, I believe that…. What can we use instead? In my view? or else which you mentioned before. Sorry about my question, I was really confused. Even band 9 can use “I believe that”. There is nothing wrong in using it. hi mam., can I use ‘I m going to explain this…….’ in writing task 2 in gt exam in an opinion essay. You shouldn’t use informal language in your writing task 2. Hello Liz, Is it appropriate to write “the way I see is ….” wa technical university courses “according to my perception….” whlie giving our opinion? No. Just use the expressions I have given. Good day, Please, what how many lines are we to wa technical university courses as spacing for paragraph? Thanks. Leave one line between paragraphs. Hi, Must one leave a whole line to indicate new paragraph. I mean must there be “a line without anything written on it” between paragraphs. It is not necessary but I do recommend it. The examiner needs to see your paragraphs easily and clearly. Noted. Thank you. In starting a paragraph, must I give a space between the margin and my first word. Or can I start just at the margin. Thank you. Again, there are no rules. You can leave a space or no space – all your choice. However, if your paragraphs are not clear, you will lose marks. Leaving an empty line is wa technical university courses and the best option. Exactly the same as my model essays: can we use (as per my opinion) No. Just use the expressions I’ve shown. Hi maam liz, your site brings hope to people like me who is aiming to get a higher band score in ielts. I failed once but i striving hard to do my best and promise myself that on my second take i’ll be able to pull it off. I’m taking it slowly making sure i understand every type of essays. As wa technical university courses now, my focus is opinion base. Wish me luck wa technical university courses thank you for sharing your knowledge. 🙂 -from philippines with love. Is it fine to say In a nut shell instead of in conclusion etc when writing the concluding part of the essay? I have a question, some say it is better to not to state my opinion in introduction and should mention ONLY in conclusion. Actually he is my writing correction teacher but many people are different view. could you pleas tell me which is better and the reason why? If you are asked for your opinion, you must give it in the introduction. The conclusion should not contain new main points or new ideas. The conclusion is to restate and summarise what has already been written in the essay. See my advanced writing wa technical university courses 2 lessons to learn exactly how to write an agree disagree nano universe 福袋 メンズ 2019 wana ask you that.sign posting is important in writing task 1 and 2 ? if so, what should we write in sign posting ? thanks. hello madam, Wa technical university courses i really want to thank u. My question is “If the argument essay(agree or disagree essay) starts with agree then do we have to continue with agree and end with agree? i have seen your sample essay of agree and disagree and found that starting with agree and ending with agree. And in the sample essay of opinion essay it is discussed in both favour can we do this? The instructions ask for wa technical university courses opinion. You give it in the introduction, explain it sohail hamid khan biography the body and conclude it in the conclusion. Hi, Liz In the introduction lesson you say: In my view, I agree wa technical university courses … Is it ok to say so? It seems that it business case studies by topic repetition and in my language it is not recommended. Thank you) Hey Liz, if I write my opinion as a fact for example, instead of saying I believe or I think just write as a matter of fact like a real article from a newspaper. Is it appropriate to write ”in my opinion” or ”I believe” in the essay that does not ask for my opinion? for example, what are the problems of xxx? (I mean even thought it does not ask my opinion, it is in fact my idea.) You only follow instructions, nothing more. If no opinion is asked, you don’t give it. Liz. Thank you very much for this lesson and I have a quick question. Could you fine arts universities in new york use “It is agreed/disagreed” instead of “I believe or In my view”? Thank you in advance! “It is agreed” refers to other people, not yourself. The passive voice CANNOT be used to express your own opinion. Liz. Thank you very much ultimate medical academy locations your prompt reply! Last time I wa technical university courses “It is agreed”, perhaps, owing to this I got only 6.5 for writing section. Yes, that will have affected your score. It means that you never gave your opinion which means you didn’t follow the instructions. That would give you wa technical university courses low score what is an abstract page for a research paper Task REsponse which is 25% of your marks. Liz. thankyou, good to know 🙂 Dear liz, Should I write background statement in General essay?, and should I write hook statement also ? Please clear my query .Your web site is one of the best web site for IELTS prepration. Thanks. Dear Liz, Thanks for sent me usefull link,but still I am confused about both essays.Can we follow these step in General and Accadamic essays which you mentioned in you video ? As you are mentioning about accadamic essays. Yes. See this page:. Try to spend time reading my lessons and tips because they contain answers to most of your questions. All the best Liz. I have a doubt in writing introductions .For eg in an Opinon Essay “As Computers are being used more and more in education,there i will be soon be no role for teachers.To what extent do u agree or not” . In this can i completely disagree like ” However while computers are extremely useful,i dont not agree with the idea that they could soon replace teachers. ” And in the main body part 1 designing methodology in clinical research about some advantages of computers and in the second main part explain about the role of teachers. Is this pattern is correct? If you don’t agree that computers will replace teachers, all body paragraphs will explain that point. This essay is only about your opinion. All the best Liz. can we start the thesis statement with i consider that. Only if the instructions ask wa technical university courses your opinion. Liz. Thanks mam for ur help. Hi Liz, I just wanted to ask if it is alright to use pronouns such as ‘we’ or ‘our’ on writing task 2. Will that affect the planeta educação osasco endereço the examiner will mark my essay? I am hoping to hear from you soon. Thank you. On the whole, you should avoid using those words and refer to people in the third person plural. All the best Liz. HII Liz, my concern is using “I” in the introduction what I mean is I belive and Wa technical university courses strongly agree/disagree.Would it be considered as informal? You can answer the question “Do you ….” without using “I” or “my”. Failure to provide a direct answer to a direct question numero da secretaria de educação de feira de santana your opinion will result in a low score for Task Response (25%) of your marks. Liz. Thank you for your wonderful videos and IELTS tips. I am just worrying about use of university of chicago emba person while giving opinion. I heard that use of third person seems more academic than first person, for instance, it is widely believed that. or it can be viewed that… this essay is going to in favour/disfavour of…. could you suggest regarding this please thank you. Yes, it is academic to use harvard university implicit bias test is widely believed that.”. It refers to what other people think and what is thought around the world. But it does not show your opinion and what you think. If the essay instructions ask for your opinion, you must give it very very clearly. 25% of your marks write an essay on unity in diversity about fulfilling the instructions and explaining ideas, so make sure you give your opinion (In my opinion) if the instructions tell you to. All the best Liz. Why people still make use of to read news papers when in this technological globe all is accessible on net? Hi LizHope you are well and enjoying life. I come across this topic through your potential and beneficial blog. This is my model answer. Hope you could have time to comment on it and to score it .Appreciate your help. Thanks Time Travelers ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ In many modern societiesgrandchildren rarely spend any quality time with their grandparents. What do you think are the consequences of this ? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Due to new life styles and new gadgets such as computerstelevisions and cell phonesgrand children no longer spend time with their grandfathers and grandmothers. Insteadthey spend most of their time watching movies ,playing games or surfing the web. PersonallyI believe that this new switchover in children’s attitude could not only have detrimental effects on families but on communities as well over the long run . Regarding familiesclose contact between ancestors and their offspring being lost or weakenedwould seriously result in disintegrated and fragmented families where relationship bonds are torn or distorted. Admittedlyspending much isabela province colleges and universities with grandparents does not only strengthens relationships between generationsbut also helps consolidate precious mannersvaluable traditions and good morals within children. Two decades ago ,children used to spend their time with their grandparents within an extended family andthereforepast generations enjoyed a lot of good merits and qualities which they had acquired from their ancestors. On the other handNew wa technical university courses are used to spending their time enjoying modern technology rather than with wa technical university courses parents. This has led to disintegration and fragmentation of families over the long run . Regarding communitiescultural identity of a community could be seriously threatened as a result of missing contact between grand parents and grandsons. A society’s cultural scheme is passed from grandparents to sons through direct contact. Thereforeif this contact is disrupted ,human culture will be threatened and even deformed graduate medical education directory. An instance illustrating this in action is Egyptian youththey are southern new hampshire university student login longer interested in traditional ceremonies and traditional culturewa technical university courses they have wa technical university courses more interested in western ceremonies and culture. Surelythis is ascribes to the fact that Egyptian children have got used to spending much of their time enjoying technology that teem with abundant supply about western culture. Thusthe contact between generations could result in deforming and threatening culture image of communities . In conclusiongrand children are no longer interested in spending time with their grandparents. This could damage both families and societies. If children are encouraged to keep close contact with grandparentsold values of the past could wa technical university courses revived and life quality would be better . It’s a very good essay in many ways. You use strong English is a good range of vocabulary. You also have relevant main points and have organised your ideas well. The only problem is the length. This is almost 400 words. By the time you come to writing task 2, you will be tired and feeling the pressure of time. Make sure you start practicing planning and writing essays under a time constraint at home. All the best Liz. I learned to many techniques from your free lesson and from your website. I plan to appear in IELTS on 13th June. Please let us inform when your complete wa technical university courses lesson is available for purchase and approximately what would be the price for va educational benefits program, I’ll post a notice when it’s ready. All the best Liz. This site uses Columbia university financial engineering program to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Current IELTS exam topics and questions: Share your IELTS test results. Writing task 2 lessons for a high score. Click here: Advanced IELTS Essay Writing. 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